Monday, 5 March 2012

 this is the lucky day party, it happens EVERY year this year, theres shops:
 and at these shops you can buy EXCLUSIVE and RARE items
 also you can get clovers to carry around at this big clover bunch
forgot, this shop is the special RARE one the other one just seels clover stuff, but isnt it wierd to have 2 shops in 1 party? hmmmm, maby 1s clothing and 1s den items but ull have to work hat out!
also the clover stuff is retiring in about a week & a half so rush in now or ull miss em
OMG! you have foun the lucky rare! message XxleopardtalonxX with a horseplay message saying "party @ juce hut" with a lighting badge to get your prize!


  1. Did ya use those pics from LoveLost's blog?? Lol just asking... 'Cause that's her bunny. :P

  2. No, she was there when i took the photos and i dont usually put my guy in photos i put other jammers cuz thts nicer that just havin me everytime


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