Monday, 2 January 2012


this is where you can help me with my blog, if you want to be a mod  post your animal jam username and why you want to be a mod and if your awser is sucsessful i will make you a mod and if you want to you can also post your e-mail adress for others to ask questions right, just to you, but i will NOT e-mail you so you dont have too much on your hands, anyways mods will have to post saying (mod ------ says) and then what you want to say, but remember not hateful or harmful words unless your talking about Club penguin or moshi monsters . And remember to help advertise my blog too, mod or not. And do take in mind once your a mod if you dont comment within 30 days (unless the blog is unavailible) you will be removed from the list and will no longer be a mod. Thanks
see ya jammers, have a jamtastic


  1. your name wiil be added to the list above when your a mod

    1. Hi, it's me Eamonn can i please be a Moderator? P.S i'm a really good moderator =)

  2. mod awpicjammer says...
    hey im in it thats awsome!!!

  3. my animal jam user name is Darkblueme and i want to be a moderatior because: cuz im your bff

  4. (mod says) this is a good blog i say i rate this 3rd best blog witchhatbunny is first feelers is 2nd!

  5. Hey Its Me GreenGoblinGurl! Add Me To Your Blog plz! Hi

  6. plese, only post here if u WANT to be a mod i dont want anything much else

  7. it's howling i want to be a mod because i want to help you

  8. My user is ShaShaSha. And i want to be a Mod because i don't like to see(or read) people fight(or be mean).


Plese Don't Go Off Topic When Posting And Plese No Hurtful Or Harmful Words