Sunday, 1 January 2012

how to get rares on animal jam without fail

there are 2 ways to get rares on animal jam but both reqire patience, one is quicker thogh, so here they are:
1. buy all clearence and seasonal items from the shops and wait for them to retire and if you wait for about 5 mounths (ik a long time but its worth it) then they will be as rare as worn blankets.
2. play the claw alot and get the dressed plushies not the bare ones and put them on trade, mostmof them are probibly desireable so people will trade for them, now you say yes to evry trade witch offers an item out of stores and after a while youll have rares like me, so have fun and hope this helps alot.


  1. ~Moderator

    Also if you play since beta and if you buy most of the items you will be super rare.


  2. ~Moderator

    The Next New Items Will be Wednesday or Thursday And Some items that are clearance will be Rare.


  3. or buy stuff from rare
    item monday. easy. fastest way to get rAre.
    i think i saw you on animal jam before.

  4. when are headdresses coming back?

  5. i been doing that but no one will trade me non member bat wings my user is lilabug1234

  6. Ok well thanks but I am not going to wait,+ someone got on my account and toke all my RARE MY RARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STILL MAD AND SAD!


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