Friday, 27 January 2012

an epic rare adventure

a month ago i was a rare animal jammer i had gloves and all sorts but i decided that it was not fair that others did not have a chace with rares so i gave them up but then soon enoght i got rares again and now i get another non member glove soon. But trust me dont get too many rares otherwise you may have poparatzi on your hands.


  1. yeah, im gaining them again but this time in not giving them up, i learned my lesson, that i liked being rare rather than watching other ppl be it.
    But i still do hope you get rares and i MAY give out 1 rare to a random follower of my blog......

    1. well you should give all of them out, i mean, your ganna gain them up again so no need to be rude or is it that you have a popartzi on your hands ;)


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