Friday, 6 January 2012

how to do the flying glitch (working in january 2012)

hey jammers today i found out 2 places you can fly and ill tell u how:
1.get on the bridge you stand on the very top of the stairs on it.
2. you will notise a little tick in the rock on the other side.
3. click it and quickly change to and animal and youll get a 50 percent chance you will be in the air.
1. ok your alredy flying do go over to the right and you will see a triangle you can stand on it looks like this:
                                                                             2. if you go to the edge of the triangle you will see a rock wall , now click on it and you will be on  it but only for a few seconds so when your halfway up the wall click  the brances of a tree and your up.
1.go to sarepia forest
2. you will se a corner on the right that is closest to the slide, stand there.
3. now beside your nametag is a peice of the slide, click there.
4. go have a 50 percent chance of getting in the air by the tree with steps but aswell as the rock wall on coral canyons you need to act fast, click the slide once in the air and your there!
1. stand right under the game fruit slinger
2. click the rock wall beside you and quickly go to the change animal buttion and click the animal you alredy are
3. you have a 30% chance of getting up
1.stand on the right of the mira statue
2. click the bottomright corner and change animal quickly
3. you have a 50 percent chance of doing it
1. stand by the coaco hut, also on the left of the puppies the red square and quickly go the the change animal buttion and click the animal you alredy are.
3. you have a 40% chance of getting up
1. stand beside where you buy the butterflies
2. click the top right corner and do the same as mt. shiveer with the animal changeing stuff
3. you have a 50% chance of getting up :)
1. do you know that hammock by the water sprinkler? stand on the net the very right top corner and do that change animal stuff like Mt. shivver.
3. you have a 40% chance of getting up!
1.go into 1 1st level of the treehouse den
2.stand by the set of stairs and click the left and switch animal have a 70% chance of getting up :)
I have added all the lads for you to explore the skys of the lands!
hope you liked these and hope you can do it!
warning: this glitch may only last a short time so do it while you can

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  1. Can ya post other places. I'm trying to find the Temple of Zois one right now and have no luck. :(


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