Sunday, 29 January 2012

How to get a free glove on animal jam

So you want a FREE non member glove? I'll tell you how to get one with just 3 easy steps. so here it is:
1. search XxleopardtalonxX
2. jam-a-gram her a card with the following: horseplay scene, saying "party at claws n' paws" and a phantom stamp.
3.XxleopardtalonxX will send the members a glove and find the non members online and trade them a glove.
LIMITED TIME!!!: once i run out of gloves this post will be temporarily cancelled till i get some more!


  1. hey an black glove

  2. Did you run out of gloves already?

  3. Hello this is keenyawolf, I will try this; but I need to know if currently you have any gloves? I need a glove for my best friend on AJ. He wants a glove to try for a headdress along with his golden glove (he is nonmember too, bless his heart). He knows a headdress is members only but he really wants one so when he does become member he has one ^w^. So please, to help out my bud, let me know if this thing is still valid? Thank You!

  4. ShaShaSha(Rosy thewolf)16 July 2012 at 08:19

    um... i think you lost your membership (no efence) How long will it take to get it to us?


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