Friday, 19 October 2012

ajfs back!

due to my bff bernle crying tht ajf was deleted, its back!  i wont post very much and new item updates will be rare, sorry about that but ill fix that once my laptops fixed withing this year! byes!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012


yeah, she plays now, so she changed pass, sorry!


lol, ok, yes i do play minecraft :).
random post!!!!

the end

Hello, jammers. I have some bad news...
im stopping blogging.
im so sorry.
i will still play animal jam as miw and this blog will still be readable, but i will stop posting for a while, even ages. so, for the last time (in a while)
GoodBye. I hope one day, i will be back

Monday, 18 June 2012

why i was not posting

srry guys for not posting, i got bored with ajf, ill be back fully soon! bye!


awsering questions:
i locked awpicjammer cuz of ppl banning it.
i forgot about the membership expiring, my bad.

you were right

yes u were right, ive been foolish to tell pple how 2 scam, why would i do that. i love aj? im so sorry, ill be more careful in the future

no comments

sorry ppl, i wont moderate commets for a while

stuff 2 do

please guys, im having a hard time, i got 80 comments to moderate and i havent been on ajf in ages!!!!! im trying my best but there is alot to do, and goin on aj is a problem  with all the work, plese right now i really NEED people to be kind on here and relize all my posts are now from tequests, for example the hacking one, if you dont like a post then dont read it, but most of all dont post on it. end of discussion. wait no, one more thing: haciking i a thing jammers do, but now im deleting the hacking post, since its causing problems. im only tring to help jammers not hurt them, but now, everyones unhappy, even me!


please jammers, im getting nast commets but ill awser some:
im kidding by saying thrashing,
all the free accocts i post here are mine por my bros old ones.
im only trying to help people get rares, uz it seems unfair.
please stop posting this rude or unkind stuff, remember, this is a blog alike all others, please be kind about it.

my new user

hi guys, my new users miw. bye.
sorry short post

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Shouls i post about new items?

hey jammers, should i post about new items or not? right now its seeming a little worthless posting about em. tell me wat u think, thanks. toodles!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

on cs

hey guys look what i found on chicken smoothie!:
there advertising aj on other games! neat! thats all jammers, toodles!


so sorry jammers. i deleted my blog cuz my e-mail got hacked but now im back. sorry, too late for new uodates on items, tune in next mouth for some. anyways, im non memba now but ill still be little old little tinyivy! :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


sorry guys, youll have to wait, HQ is updating Aj tomorrow! Not today :(.
On the bright side, new stuffz coming! And, Rares r developing!
Remember to buy all the clover items and the angle wings and unicorn horn before they go! you only have 1/2 a day! srry short post :)

Animal jam blogs

Hi jammers, just to remind u, that My animal jam blog is updating. I have met more criterias for an Animal Jam Blog to be and now ALL i need is a few jammers that have facebook accounts to share this blog. AKA. if ur in the ajf club and we score 1st on 1st page of google you get to come 2 the party and get some awsome presents, but that will only happen if we get facebook shares so share our Animal Jam blog on facebook for some rare, fabulos prizes! Animal jam blogs are more sucsessful with you, thx ,byez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

lucky day message

hey jammers, sorry, i cant make a pic cuz my cameras broken but, today i got a lucky day message saying: its lucky day! come hang at the lucky day party!
wow, cheezy. anyways thats all, srry short post :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

My other animals:

Snowflake WingedPride ^

Enternal FrozenRose ^

hat and curly wig retires

Hey jammers, today the hat & curly wig retired! i got it just in time! : yesterday! but as always with things retiring there can be glitches and some ones r back! good luck chacing em!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Elf tail armor

Hey jammers, today Elf TAIL armor cane to jamma as a membership gift! I remember in beta there was  a tail item category but no tail items! now there is tail items but theve forgot the category! Gosh, theve forgot alot! heres what the tail armor looks like:
They come in these colours:

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

ice, ice ,ice den items

 hey jammers, they incorperated the prison from beta to the ice prison! i put my lil doggie in there, she was bad! lol also theregiving us a sneak peek @:
looks like theyre briging in sleds and cannon balls! i wonder if there animated like if the cannon ball shoots! cool! or if its a game item, like sliding on sleds! that would be awsome!
 Thids torch is part of the ice catsle addition items, ufortunatly i didnt have time to screenshot the den but seriously its awsome!, plus u can  get frozen in it! i hope 2 see ya l8er jammers, byes!

free rares scatterabout

hey jammers, you may have noticed on random pages of my blog theres a rare item bit that says: "OMG! you have found a rare item, jam a gram XxleopardtalonxX a ________" here you have do do exactly as i say to get a rare, any faulties will make it so you dont get one, AND remember im not always on aj so just WAIT patiently for a week or 2 and if you dont get anything post on  this page, yes i keep track at who i send toso no tricks will be pulled. hope u like the rares!

Monday, 5 March 2012

 this is the lucky day party, it happens EVERY year this year, theres shops:
 and at these shops you can buy EXCLUSIVE and RARE items
 also you can get clovers to carry around at this big clover bunch
forgot, this shop is the special RARE one the other one just seels clover stuff, but isnt it wierd to have 2 shops in 1 party? hmmmm, maby 1s clothing and 1s den items but ull have to work hat out!
also the clover stuff is retiring in about a week & a half so rush in now or ull miss em
OMG! you have foun the lucky rare! message XxleopardtalonxX with a horseplay message saying "party @ juce hut" with a lighting badge to get your prize!

new den items-plants

hey jammers, today some new updates arrived:
theres this clover-like tree, it looks a little bit fantasy but idk, its new lets see what it brings us!

also theres this bushes the come in these looks, but i wish they had made more themes of it!
i think they will retire soon, cuz its like, lucky day, and one thing, i missed the celebrations for leap year! anyways, look forward, i sense that rare item moday will bring nm cat hats! bye :)!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

when will i put up new updates?

sorry jammers, my computers on dial-up right now thx to my bro sucking da internet but my new connection is set to arrive Sunday- Monday- Tuesday period, as soon as i get my iternet back ill be takeing pics of new stuff but so far itll be a little while till then- yes im posting with s.l.o.w- sloppy, lame, annoying web. connection but ill try my best, AND happy lucky day, ill see you wearing those lucky day clothing! see ya!


dear jammers, sorry i wasn't posting, you see, pirates hacked my computer system and shut down my e-mail and blog, and my AJ account and got me banned 4 three days, making me miss the celebrations for leap year, but ill do some reaserch about the items and ill update soon about the new items this mounth! ps. im so sorry i dont have a e-mail anymore but you CAN message me on an e-mail-type source called Chicken smoothie, im Wolf-Zura on it!
Little TinyIvy

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Quitting...? its all aroud me!

Hey jammers, bad news, due to having to buy an animal after you delete another, i have been seeing less jammers left in jamma! My bffs have all quit and lots of the rare item horders left too, giving away their rares! And ive now even animal jam blogs shutting down aka the owners left aj! This is good or bad for some, good for me cuz less aj blogs mean higher ranks on google for my blog, but bad cuz aj will have a drop in money cuz of less players, in the long term aj might shut down (crys as hard as humanly possible), hopefully not but anyways, my fav blogs shut down, my bffs quit, my rare trading friends quit all bcuz everything member needed to be bought with lots of gems!
Note to AjHQ: this is what happens when you go to far with updates!
Little TinyIvy

new updates + and -

Penguins r here, as i thought they are land and underwater animals but sadly they require membership to get, but dont worry, to me there just seals in a penguin costume! Curly Wigs r back!, the rare but serprisingly unwanted curly wig is back, that retired last year with only up to 10 jammers buying it and i was the only one to know how rare it was!
you can manage your animals better, now the animal you use most will be the one @ the top left! im curious to know who i use most!
Phantom invasion just got better! with new toys, more levels that are harder than others and not only new penguin toys but also Dressed toys, wow! lets see what rares i get for a dressed toy!
Theres a new party THE HEATWAVE PARTY!!! with lotsa summer fun this winter isnt that chilly afterall now i can have a dip in the pool without getting hypothermia!
you have to spend 1000 gems each time you delete an animal a get a new 1 awww, i liked buying the animal space for any animal and if i deleted one i get onother 4 free now i have 2 pay! :(
items in epic wonders expired well atlest i bought them and before i can say macerone cheeze pizza there rare! but is still sad the jammers who havent got it alredy cant get 1!:(
the shadow garden turned back into the royal 1 and i didnt even buy it! well atleast they can do that sort of thing for another item but still it was to short of a time for an item to be in the shops! :(
. remember in march the post will inprove by 90 %, and you will be able to e-mail me more stuff next week thx bye, Little TinyIvy

to gray52

Dear gray52, im glad your enjoying the blog and im happy to hear its getting higher ranks on google. You see you Asked to be in the feral jammer club, yes? You have been excepted into the club (witch means ur in the club) but im affraid, with the computer im useing i will not be able to post your picture on the members page till March but you will have your name on the list! Thanks and a jam-tastic day!
Little TinyIvy

Monday, 13 February 2012

why should i share this blog?

well jammers, you see, my blog is running Slowly and isnt very popular, but if i get blog BACKLINK's i will be. In order to get backlinks i need ALL JAMMERS WITH ACCOUNTS OF ANYTHING ON THE RIGHT OF THE BLOG TO SHARE IT!!!! And IF i get on the 1st page of google as a celebration i will give all the people who post thir username below a COMPLETELY FREE RARE ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!! But you need to work to get that free rare so remember SHARE IT SHARE IT SHARE IT!!!!
thanks so much to the jammers who have done that, once i get on 1st page google search 'animal jam blogs' i will reward you :). thanks alot jammers, your the best, little tinyivy

epic item trades

I have rares!!!!!! do you? welcome to the ajf trade centere, here you will get BETTER trades that if you just randomly ask someone on aj. Here all you have to do is ask for a trade like this:
my user: xxleopardtalonxx
wants: top hat
will offer: legenday glove, rarespiked collor or nm glove.
And if you ask me you have a better chance of getting a yes than on aj strait without asking. So good luck and if you want anything i have consider it yours cuz imma gonna trade it! good luck!

1 step closer 2 dis blog bein famous

sup jammers, hey, just to let ya know my blogger:user profile is on the 3rd page of the google search 'animal jam blogs' witch means MORE VIEWS witch means 4 u MORE AJ CHEATS!!!!! happy go lucky, lol im tooooo excited, opps i may just burst!?!? lol lol lol, have fun jammers, little tinyivy

Sunday, 12 February 2012

animal jam blogs

animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs this is getting me on google animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs animal jam blogs. thanks bye

Saturday, 11 February 2012

happy Valintines day!

hey jammers, happy Valintines day! We will be hosting all sorts of fun with the feral jammer club and our readers! we will be hosting partys, trading, rare giveouts & more to celebrate the day of love (even tho im single :(   ) but, let the fun roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy Valintines day.

another free account- sometimes member sometimes not

hey jammers, ive got another free member account except its sometimes not member:
username: smartpillow
password: candy
. ok so this is my old friends account witch she still plays on but i got permission to put it on here and she will add membership to it soon :).have fun playing member or not.
bye jammers, little tinyivy

Friday, 10 February 2012

new items!

hey jammers, sorry i cant add photos im bannned from computer by my mum so im useing my 3DS console to post (witch doesnt allow photos DX) but anyway, here is the new items:
1.winters blanket @ mt shivver shop tresure (sunken tresures)
3.soon they MIGHT be remodeling mt.shivver (like crystal sands) or a new land
4.penguins next month (members only) (confirmed underwater and land animal)
heart balloon - jamma clothing
heart eye patch- underwater clothing
thats all i got :) ill add the photos when i get back on computer in March

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Have you seen the free member account?

hey jammers,
im shure you have been browsing my blog, but if you just arrived, or havent seen the free member account then do so. You see, awpicjammer quit aj but kindly donated his account (witch is still member) to AJF for you to all use and enjoy, but do remember if you want the items you get on this account then send them to your account because other jammers will use it because its public, thanks. Also do remember that the membership on this account may be removed but ill try my very hardest to keep it going. happy jamming, Little TinyIvy

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ocean animals on land?

Hey jammers, today i was on aj and i was going to coral canyons to buy the Shadow Garden, so i clicked the map and whent there, when i arrived i was in mid-air and there were ocean animals all around me! i was just playing around in the canyons with a bunch of ocean animals, no land ones! What do you think this is jammers?

Monday, 6 February 2012

big changes

hey jammers,
as you can see i have changed my blog majorly and now we have a new animal to own the blog: meet Little TinyIvy! the new blog owner to this blog! dont worry its still me, blossom sunnypaw but a new animal. So moving on, you see right at the moment there may be blossom sunnypaw stuff still on this blog, dont worry thos will be changed quickly, also, the blog is having a new background too, it will be more 'AJ' style, plese do post if you have an idea, anyways, Bye

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rare item mondays!

hey jammers! wanna know what was for rare item monday so u dont get mixed up with the rare items like i did?
here was what was for rare item monday:
gloves were so pouplar that HQ decided to bring em back, ALOT, but there is a thing such as too much!
madusa masks came back without bein rare! note 2 HQ: only put on rare items not items tht just retired

now this on im not ok with and ill tell u why: i thought it just came back 2 stores and i had sold my fox hats and then i found out it was rare item monday! urrrrg
ok.... totally missed this 1 but this is an addition to the other armor, but its now very rare since hardly anyone bought it!

Again, not rare, note to HQ: HALLOWEEN ITEMS R NOT RARE!
BUT i am cutious of them putting the 'rare' sign on
Again i dont like this 1 cuz i didnt know it came back and i traded my rares for some of em and found out later! atleast.....
Im sure in not the only 1 thinking....."WE DONT WANT 'RARE _____' WE WANT ATUAL RARES!"

Note 2 HQ: fine do wateva u want, just so u know most of us r not happy...


our poster!

hey jammers, we have created a poster for you to copy onto your computer and print so you can post it on your wall, it looks like this:
its just a poster you may put on your wall if you support my blog ;) thx for the help making it awpicjammer!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Daily items!

Hey jammers, good news! Since jamma has been everhard working they decided to go full on to DAILY ITEMS everyday the jamma HQ will add new items to the store! Plus every monday- US, tuesday- NZ they will add a rare item to the store that only is in the store for a day! so if you go on Animal Jam each monday you get a rare item! XD Thx HQ thats awsome! Good luck catching thos rares!

new items febuary 2012

heart blanket: limeted time!

roses for your den

a shadow garden replaces the royal 1

these are on clearance


new underwater clothing

there is a new place: The sol arcade!

here is what the sell!

at this shop





and to top it off a cute big lion plushie as a monthly gift!