Thursday, 16 February 2012

Quitting...? its all aroud me!

Hey jammers, bad news, due to having to buy an animal after you delete another, i have been seeing less jammers left in jamma! My bffs have all quit and lots of the rare item horders left too, giving away their rares! And ive now even animal jam blogs shutting down aka the owners left aj! This is good or bad for some, good for me cuz less aj blogs mean higher ranks on google for my blog, but bad cuz aj will have a drop in money cuz of less players, in the long term aj might shut down (crys as hard as humanly possible), hopefully not but anyways, my fav blogs shut down, my bffs quit, my rare trading friends quit all bcuz everything member needed to be bought with lots of gems!
Note to AjHQ: this is what happens when you go to far with updates!
Little TinyIvy


  1. i agree with ur note to AJHQ, about how they went too far. i really dont like how u have to buy animals now. hopefully AJHQ will realize that having to buy everything is a bad thing and fix it...
    see u on animal jam! X3

  2. I remember when if you paid for an animal you can delete it and make another animal for FREE!


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