Monday, 13 February 2012

why should i share this blog?

well jammers, you see, my blog is running Slowly and isnt very popular, but if i get blog BACKLINK's i will be. In order to get backlinks i need ALL JAMMERS WITH ACCOUNTS OF ANYTHING ON THE RIGHT OF THE BLOG TO SHARE IT!!!! And IF i get on the 1st page of google as a celebration i will give all the people who post thir username below a COMPLETELY FREE RARE ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!! But you need to work to get that free rare so remember SHARE IT SHARE IT SHARE IT!!!!
thanks so much to the jammers who have done that, once i get on 1st page google search 'animal jam blogs' i will reward you :). thanks alot jammers, your the best, little tinyivy

1 comment:

  1. hi XxleopardtalonxX i really like ur blog. its under my bookmarks and i check it every day. hope ur blog gets to the most popular!!!


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