Thursday, 9 February 2012

Have you seen the free member account?

hey jammers,
im shure you have been browsing my blog, but if you just arrived, or havent seen the free member account then do so. You see, awpicjammer quit aj but kindly donated his account (witch is still member) to AJF for you to all use and enjoy, but do remember if you want the items you get on this account then send them to your account because other jammers will use it because its public, thanks. Also do remember that the membership on this account may be removed but ill try my very hardest to keep it going. happy jamming, Little TinyIvy


  1. the member account may become non member, ill try to not make tht happen tho :)

  2. okay thank you very much for that info i have been trying so hard to find a member account that i could actually use!thanks so much. im rabidpanda6 btw. plz feel free to friend me on aj!


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