Thursday, 16 February 2012

new updates + and -

Penguins r here, as i thought they are land and underwater animals but sadly they require membership to get, but dont worry, to me there just seals in a penguin costume! Curly Wigs r back!, the rare but serprisingly unwanted curly wig is back, that retired last year with only up to 10 jammers buying it and i was the only one to know how rare it was!
you can manage your animals better, now the animal you use most will be the one @ the top left! im curious to know who i use most!
Phantom invasion just got better! with new toys, more levels that are harder than others and not only new penguin toys but also Dressed toys, wow! lets see what rares i get for a dressed toy!
Theres a new party THE HEATWAVE PARTY!!! with lotsa summer fun this winter isnt that chilly afterall now i can have a dip in the pool without getting hypothermia!
you have to spend 1000 gems each time you delete an animal a get a new 1 awww, i liked buying the animal space for any animal and if i deleted one i get onother 4 free now i have 2 pay! :(
items in epic wonders expired well atlest i bought them and before i can say macerone cheeze pizza there rare! but is still sad the jammers who havent got it alredy cant get 1!:(
the shadow garden turned back into the royal 1 and i didnt even buy it! well atleast they can do that sort of thing for another item but still it was to short of a time for an item to be in the shops! :(
. remember in march the post will inprove by 90 %, and you will be able to e-mail me more stuff next week thx bye, Little TinyIvy

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