Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rare item mondays!

hey jammers! wanna know what was for rare item monday so u dont get mixed up with the rare items like i did?
here was what was for rare item monday:
gloves were so pouplar that HQ decided to bring em back, ALOT, but there is a thing such as too much!
madusa masks came back without bein rare! note 2 HQ: only put on rare items not items tht just retired

now this on im not ok with and ill tell u why: i thought it just came back 2 stores and i had sold my fox hats and then i found out it was rare item monday! urrrrg
ok.... totally missed this 1 but this is an addition to the other armor, but its now very rare since hardly anyone bought it!

Again, not rare, note to HQ: HALLOWEEN ITEMS R NOT RARE!
BUT i am cutious of them putting the 'rare' sign on
Again i dont like this 1 cuz i didnt know it came back and i traded my rares for some of em and found out later! atleast.....
Im sure in not the only 1 thinking....."WE DONT WANT 'RARE _____' WE WANT ATUAL RARES!"

Note 2 HQ: fine do wateva u want, just so u know most of us r not happy...


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