Monday, 16 January 2012

jammer warriorcats (my short story i wrote)

This story im telling is true and im writing it to say thank you for visiting my blog, each view helps me, now lets start the story:

Each and every jammer in jamms has its own personality, they may live in the shadows of fear and battle or may live a life of happyness and joy, these emotions lead up to their future and its about to change...
Deep in the heart of a young warriorcats fan, also a young jammer, thrives the need to make his place in jamma, but where to start?
The young jammer suddenly discoverd it, he will be the maker of the animal jam clans!

Weeks later.... The jammer had made Thunerclan and his jammer mates made ShadowClan, Riverclan, WindClan and Starclan for there relitives, the jammer was overjoyed to have created such clans, till.....
The Clans took to battle as soon as they knew there was eachother, unshething claws and weapons from hiding, they scrabbled on the concrete looking for grasps to run, but they failed and fell to the ground.
but, RiverClan stay upright because of the texture of there territory they managed on the concrete and took ferocious blows at the other clan animals, letting them slip and slide around like they were on ice.

Eventually RiverClan won that storm of a battle, and became victorious in many battles in jamma, but however, since the loners, rouges and kittypets saw the quarreling they decided to make trouble and make clans of their own, so they did, creating ElementClan, DiamondClan, BloodClan and StoneClan with a DawnClan for their relitives.
The true-born clans hated this so they made an alliance for 6 moons do defeat the kittypet-clans.
Sadly they lost by being thown but clasping claws into the river, down a cliff, many didnt survive but the ones who did sufferd great injurys and greencough becase of weakness, and the animals, the jammers, the true-born clans supported the kittypet clans, and thats why there are untrue-born or odd named clans like MoonClan around today while still having the old true-born clans aswell. the end
By Blossom sunnypaw
Thanks for reading this and my blog, plese visit my blog regularly to find whats up in jamma right on your fingertips!


  1. mod awpicjammer says.. i read your story and it was awesome i liked it alot

  2. ShaShaSha( Rosy thewolf)16 July 2012 at 07:52

    I realy liked your story! I love the warrior cats books the graphic novels and the thick book books (I hope you know what a *book book* is)! One of my users is:WarriorCats2003 (I cant use it thoe i forgot the password :( thats to bad)!(why i said "one of my users" is because i have 4 users!)! I just love Animal Jam it is soooo fun! Man i wrote alot!Well i'm off to Animal Jam! Bye!


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