Thursday, 5 January 2012

new items!

 as you can see horeses have come out and are very popular in jamma!
 the firefighters helmet has come back
 so have cuffs!
 and the crystal from last year came back
 i didnt even know this retired !

 i get this as my membersship gift but cuz of a glitch my bro got 2!
 im gonna enter in the flag comp
 i looks like a snake!
 the new smash hit appondale is top!
 these shell armor and helmet help u not crash into rocks and hurt you head
 these awsome wings will retire so get yours today
 so will this light-up neaclass
 these should do nicely for my den
 this is horse the new shaman
 and a jiant horse plushie
 and topairy.
and im shure ill be cozy this winter

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