Wednesday, 3 August 2011

2 ways to get gems fast fast fast

ok if you have a app called cheat engine use it by useing speed hack and playing river race, you get 5 gems in 2 seconds 4 nothing and also i made up this thing called the account trick but it only works for members so heres how to do it: ok you have a member account now make a new non member account and put in the codes i showed you and then youll end up with about 11000 gems on the non member account ok now buys lots and lots of spiked hair till you gems run out and send them to the member account and sell them youll get thousands of gems in about half an hour on your member account.
hope you like them :)


  1. mod awpicjammer says...
    theres another way.go to deep blue and play phantoms treasure it gets you thousands of gems and its a fun game that i play games and have fun!!!

  2. mod awpicjammer says...
    the river race only gets you 5 gems in 1 second so if you were on a hour how much gems will you get???

  3. were do you see your codes?


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