Thursday, 4 August 2011

the whole truth about gloves

gloves we all want them, so we make up ways to get them but the truth is all this is :
you think you get a glove by jumping in coral canyons or by a code or something but no you dont the best way to get a glove is by trading or maby getting 1 by mail like me. becase ive had gloves in the past and ill get 1 soon i kno this.
gloves were in the shops ages ago i remember it so if u want a glove start tradeing!


  1. mod awpicjammer says...
    yeh everyone thinks that but its not trueyou do buy it from the stores and you could a long time ago because i have 2 gloves and im not joking and my friend has all of the types!!!

  2. I sent that glove by accident and u neva gave it back D:


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